Skin rejuvenation

Our motto is always young and beautiful

Are you looking for a beauty salon in The Hague that does wrinkle treatments? Then Farm de Beauty, expert in skin rejuvenation, is the right place. Our treatments give your face, neck and/or hands a visibly younger appearance!

Before the treatment we will do a skin analysis to determine the best treatment for you.

Recognising a mature skin:

  • Dry skin
  • Lined skin
  • Sagging skin
  • Pale and sallow complexion

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Skin regeneration treatments
  • TCA exfoliant
  • Fruit acid treatment with Marmatrix mask

Anti-aging treatments

Voor & Na Mesotherapie

Wrinkle removal

using Mesotherapy

Just one short session of 10 minutes will give spectacular results, with little swelling or redness. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is a well-known and recognised pharmaceutical product which is broken down by your skin. Everyone wants to get rid of their wrinkles.
Ecuri mesotherapy is the only Meso-Lift with which cross-linked hyaluronic acid can be injected. This will immediately fill the lines above the top lip.
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Voor & Na Mesotherapie

Anti-aging treatment

with an HSR treatment

Research has revealed one of the human cell’s biggest secrets: the cause of aging. And with HSR® de luxe, Babor has found the right answer to allay aging. Thanks to the perfect synthesis of the new highly active ingredients HSR® Telovitin, HSR® Lifting Integral complex and black pearl essences which act as a beauty catalyst, the HSR® de luxe products tackle all the visible traces of an aging skin.
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A Farm de Beauty exclusive

This light therapy smoothens the skin and makes it softer and firmer. It improves circulation too. LED light therapy helps with general facial skin sagging, acne, sun damage, sun allergy, cellulitis, striae and eczema. But LED light therapy can also give an energy boost to those suffering from fatigue and give deep relaxation for stress.
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Skin lifting treatment

Pascaudlite softlaser is a skin lifting & tightening treatment that provides you with a younger look without incision. This is a non-surgical treatment.
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Botox & Fillers

For botox & fillers we recommend the MCL Clinic. Lany Pradjarahardja, cosmetic doctor, has plenty of experience and is specialised in wrinkle treatments (injectables) and skin rejuvenation. You can contact her for fillers, botox and exfoliation.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage makes the skin firmer and more heathy.
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Take care when sunbathing

Facelift without surgery and without botox

Free intake appointment

The first intake session is free at Farm de Beauty! If you would like more information about permanent make-up or any other treatment, simply fill in the form and we will contact you.



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